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Is delivery included?
Yes, delivery is included with all cart rentals. 

When will my cart be delivered?
Your cart will delivered on your arrival day, Saturday or Sunday, by 4:00 pm. 

When will the cart be picked up?
Carts will be picked up beginning at 9:00 am on day of departure. 

What is you cancellation policy?
You may cancel you reservation up to 30 days prior to arrival with a full refund. If canceled within 30 days of reservation a refund will only be issued if cart is re-rented for that week.  

What if there is a hurricane evacuation?
If there is a mandatory evacuation ordered by Currituck County your rental will be prorated for missed days due to evacuation. 

What areas do you serve?
We serve only the Corolla area. The community’s we serve includes The Currituck Club, Pine Island, Buck Island, Spindrift, Whalehead, Ocean Hill, Crown Point  and Ocean Sands sections A,B and C

Are carts allowed on the beach?
No, carts are not allowed on the beach. Carts are to remain on paved surfaces. 

Are carts allowed to travel on Route 12(Ocean Trail)?
Carts are only allowed to cross Route 12 to reach the other side. Carts are not allowed to travel on RT 12   

Golf Cart Rules and Operation

1.    Operator of golf cart must be 21 years of age and have in their possession a valid drivers license.
2.    Alcohol or illegal substances are not permitted on the golf cart and it is against the law to operate the golf cart under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If found with alcohol or drugs on golf cart you will immediately lose rental privileges and all monies for rental of the golf cart.
3.    Golf cart shall not be operated in a manner that may endanger self, other individuals, animals, or property.
4.    Golf cart not to have seating capacity exceeded per cart manufacturers capacity.
5.    Cart to be parked in a safe spot at lessee’s rental home each night.
6.    Cart to be charged each night and when not in use.
7.    Cart is subject to the same laws and regulations pertaining to motor vehicles while in use.
8.    Cart must be parked at house, fully charged at 9:00 am on last day of rental.
9.    Lessee is responsible for all actions of all passengers and persons operating cart with his express or implied permission.
10.    Cart operated after sunset must turn on headlights.
11.    Park cart on level ground with parking brake applied.
12.    Key to be removed from ignition and safely stored when not in use.
13.    Cart chargers need to be always kept out of the weather.  It is recommended that the charger be left at residence while operating the cart if possible.
14.    Do not make turns at high speeds.  Slow down to turn or make corners.
15.    In the event of the cart is damaged during rental period, lessee will contact Corolla Carts LLC as soon as safely possible and before cart is used again.
16.    Golf cart not to be used on public roads.


More Information

1.    Golf cart delivered to property by 4:00 PM the first day of rental.
2.    Golf cart to be ready for pick up by 9:00 AM.
3.    Lessee agrees to inspect golf cart before use and to report any damage to Corolla Cart LLC before use.
4.    Upon completion of the rental cart will be left in a clean and free of trash and debris. Failure to do so will result in $50.00 cleaning fee.
5.    At completion of rental cart will be returned fully charged with provided charger on cart. Failure to leave cart fully charged will result in a $50.00 cart charging fee.  Failure to return, provided charger will result in a $350 charger replacement fee.
6.    Normal wear and tear are expected, but abuse or damage to cart will be the responsibility of lessee.
7.    Should the cart be damaged beyond repair or stolen during term of contract, the lessee is liable for the replacement cost of cart.
8.    In the event we are required to make a service call and it is determined that the problem is the result of improper operation of the cart or failure to properly connect the charging system a $125 service call fee will be charged to your credit card.
9.    Failure to leave key in cart at end of rental may result in a $100 lost key fee.
10.    Failure to have cart ready for return at 9:00 am on last day of rental may result in a $75 per hour, until cart is ready for return.